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Racing for Joy

Faith, family and friends help a mother endure cancer treatment – and train for a triathlon.

New Year's Resolutions: Where Are They Now?

Publishers of two major Christian diet books say it's time to ramp up sales again.

Scripture with Sizzle

Bible Publishers Entice Across Generations with Color, Sound, Graphics and Video

It's a Fantasy

Speculative fiction is a tough sell in the Christian market.

Will the Next Harry Potter Be a Mormon?

Brandon Mull's Fablehaven books, set on a preserve for magical creatures in Connecticut, are so hot that he represented Borders at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the nation's largest.

The silver Idol is soul in control

With a new album gone platinum, sold-out stops on a tour that starts Feb. 21 and appearances on national television, it looks like American Idol Taylor Hicks' fortune won't sour anytime soon.

A Romantic, Spiritual Journey

"Friends: A Love Story" recounts married actors Courtney B. Vance and Angela Bassett's romance and religious evolution.

Food and music: The balance to any busy life

We partook in two chef-owned restaurants in one evening of pleasure.

A fabric of faith

Some quilt-makers find their craft to be a spiritually enriching practice.

Friends Forever

When friendship lasts over the course of a lifetime, it is a gift of the highest order.

Books on Heaven Can’t Wait for Readers

Three new books explore what happens after life ends.

Authors Face Family Fallout in Telling Their Storie

They may intend to inspire, but spiritual memoirists still have to deal with family members' feelings.

A night of seafood and stargazing

Crab Trap brags on its steaks, but we would never think of ordering anything but seafood.

Shopping on Main Street Lakewood Ranch

People who like to eat well and shop upscale will feel well-treated in this new shopping district.

Hot Times, Cool Places

Five cool places to visit in Manatee County.

New Books Look at Bad Saints and Lousy Kings

Authors say there is something to be learned from luminaries' bad behavior.

Fatherless child

A best-selling, Generation X Christian author recounts how his dad's departure helped shape him.

If We’re Still Here, It Didn’t Happen

The latest Left Behind book was released on 6-6-6.

Saturation Point?

There are signs readers might be getting weary of conservative books.

Taking in the Sandbar at sunset

We bring out-of-staters, so they can view the Gulf, listen to live music, eat seafood, and sit with their toes in the sand.

Tim Bascom: Chameleon Days: An American Boyhood in Ethiopia

Tim Bascom writes a memoir about his boyhood as a missionary kid in Ethiopia.

Brothers in Boules

Freddy and Gilles Canesse are rising stars in the French sport of pétanque.

Donald Miller: To Own a Dragon

Q & A about memoir of growing up fatherless

Say a Prayer for Sales

In a heavily published topic, how can books stand out?

Praying As Jesus Prayed

New books explore the Lord's Prayer and the power of praying in Jesus' name.

Mary Wilson keeps hangin' on

When the Supremes officially disbanded in 1977, Wilson was the only member to have stayed from the start to the end.

Hear the roar

Without Narnia, there would be no Harry Potter.

Lack of technology held back earlier 'Narnia' adaptations

Previous screen appearances have been limited to lower-budget television versions.

'Pyro' Goes Ahead; Warren Weighs In

Rick Warren has issued a statement denying he opposed publication of 'Pyromarketing.'

The Wardrobe in the Classroom

Even though they have Christian themes, the Chronicles of Narnia are taught in U.S. public schools without controversy--mostly.

'Pyromarketing' Gets the Green Light

HarperBusiness will publish Greg Stielstra's book with its case-study of "The Purpose-Driven Life."

Into the West

Chuck Norris in New Book, TV Deal

Dedicated to Caregiving

Professional caregiver Nancy Procell is a companion and a comfort to both her clients and their families.

Purpose-Driven Interference?

What happens when a top-selling author wants changes in another writer's book?

Ronan Tynan credits success to parents

The Irish tenor honors his folks in a couple of the most moving songs on his new solo album.

Mega Tactics
for Mega-Hits

Two publishers pulled out all the stops for their star pastors.

The Perfect Mother Myth

Books question the pressure on Christian moms to be faultless.

Nebulizing on the rise

For parents of small children who have asthma or allergies, nebulizers have become standard equipment.

What Are They Worth?

Awards might encourage quality, but they have little impact on book sales.

The Peril and the Promise

There are still risks for scholars writing for general readers, but in today's world, authoritative voices are prized.

The Power of Wow

Word-of-mouth and celebrity endorsements launched Eckhart Tolle to success.

Inspired by the Golden Rule

New religious books address ethics in business, leadership, money matters and work.

Seminaries Increasingly Linking Environment, Religion

Academic studies of the links between religion and the environment are a fairly recent but growing development.

The Quest for Understanding

A growing number of books explore religions’ common threads.

Religious Comics in the Book Trade

Despite sales, talent and teen readers, Christian stores ignore graphic novels.

Written in the Stars

Claims of cloning have made UFO religions big news, and a raft of scholarly books is poised to ride the waves.

`Christmas Shoes': From Story to Song to Show

The TV movie softens the specifically Christian approach taken in both NewSong's crossover hit and the subsequent novel by Donna VanLiere

A Homely Link for Mennonites, Amish Across America

It's the letters from the "scribes" -- unpaid correspondents -- that keep subscribers eager for The Budget to arrive.

Grief Book Aids Sept. 11 Counselors

Sarah York wrote a resource for people who want to express sorrow and memorialize loved ones, but don't know how.